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Think Harmony and PeaceSaturday, June 17, 2017 8:38 PM


  • Learn how to improve your Privacy in Social Networks.
  • Learn how to Save some Money for the Rainy Day.
  • Focus on Proper Eating Habits to remain Healthy.
  • Make your Lifestyle Simple, Healthy and Sustainable.
  • Love and Protect Mother Nature, Trees, Hills, Lakes.
  • Learn to live on Less Energy, Fuel or Electricity.
  • Give away what you do not Need. Keep things Clean.

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Ancient Music Player Monday, June 05, 2017 11:25 AM

It was a midi player, now a mp3 player. From the year 2000 or Y2K in my webbunny tutorial. The controls are play, stop, prev/next song. No pause.

When iGoogle came, i converted these examples into widget. i needed a skin, I found a freeamp skin in my linux computer. I cut it in two parts and touched it up to create a mettalic skin.


Later made a better Audio Music Player.

The source code can be seen here audio-music-player

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Wishing BellSunday, June 04, 2017 7:27 AM

This widget is more than 10 years, based on a DynamicDrive Script. Needs Adobe Flash Player.

Think of a wish, Ring the Magic Bell, See a Prudent Saying too!

dact-cyber - animation-box - GitHub



This widget needs Flash installed in your browser.

The proverbs or wise sayings in this widget are from old books, aesop fables and some are my own creations.

"Moderation is Divine Bliss" "Plan, Simulate and Execute" "Think Twice before you Act" "Perseverance and Enthusiasm" "Work Hard - Work Smart" "Wasted Work is Skills Acquired"

"Be Consistent and Systematic" "Order and Harmony" "Think Positive" "At least Think" "Collect, Examine, Reason, Analyze" "Discriminate with Detachment" "Try Again, and again. Then Work Around"

"Spend Less, Save More" "Talk Less, Think More" "A Pending Job, Do it Today !" "Love the Work, Not the Reward" "Dwell in the Path, Not the Goal" "Break a Big Job, Into small Tasks" "Innovate to Flourish"

Live Widget - Click the Dark Grey Button above "On"

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