Wishing BellSunday, June 04, 2017 7:27 AM

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Think of a wish, Ring the Magic Bell, See a Prudent Saying too!

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The proverbs or wise sayings in this widget are from old books, aesop fables and some are my own creations.

"Moderation is Divine Bliss" "Plan, Simulate and Execute" "Think Twice before you Act" "Perseverance and Enthusiasm" "Work Hard - Work Smart" "Wasted Work is Skills Acquired"

"Be Consistent and Systematic" "Order and Harmony" "Think Positive" "At least Think" "Collect, Examine, Reason, Analyze" "Discriminate with Detachment" "Try Again, and again. Then Work Around"

"Spend Less, Save More" "Talk Less, Think More" "A Pending Job, Do it Today !" "Love the Work, Not the Reward" "Dwell in the Path, Not the Goal" "Break a Big Job, Into small Tasks" "Innovate to Flourish"

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